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Łukasiewicz – IPS „TABOR”

Rail Vehicles Institute „TABOR” is the only research institute in Poland that comprehensively realizing the works related to the development, tests and certification of rail vehicles. It has been on the market since 1945. Over the past decades, most of the rail vehicles operated on Polish tracks have been the work of the specialists of the Institute. From the beginning the employees are the most important resource of IPS „TABOR”. Thanks to people it is possible to constantly develop the company and implement the new ideas into practice. The scientific and technical staff is on placement in the reputable European companies producing and testing the rolling stock. Many specialists of the Institute take part in the national and international rolling stock organizations, among other things UIC (Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer) and NBRAIL. Taking care of the high substantive level of IPS “TABOR” works, it constantly cooperates with many universities and other scientific, research and development units and it keeps the continuous contacts with the rolling stock producers in the country and abroad. As a part of its activity IPS „TABOR” publishes the scientific publications of the railway industry and the quarterly “Pojazdy Szynowe (Rail Vehicles)”.


Be the best Polish research institute in the rolling stock sector with pride built on knowledge and experience of employees and modern technical resources.


The modern measuring apparatus, the continuous automatization and computerization of the measuring processes, the rich testing equipment supported with the high qualification of the experienced staff enable to carry out the tests in accordance with the requirements of the international organizations, as:

  • International Standardization Organization (ISO),
  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC),
  • International Union of Railways (UIC/ERRI)
  • Association of American Railroad (AAR),
  • European Committee for Standardization (CEN),
  • European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELAC).

IPS „TABOR” can realize the tests in accordance with the international methods and programs, as well as with its own ones and with the ones entrusted by the customer.


IPS „TABOR” carries out, systematically develops and improves the movement tests of the vehicles on the railway lines with the speeds required by the customers. First of all there are the tests: static, quasi-static and dynamic properties and the acoustic, strength and the comfort properties of the rail vehicles. Versatility of the testing and measuring equipment makes the IPS „TABOR” can also carry out the tests of the objects and devices from the related fields (e.g. cars, working machines within the static and fatigue strength, power transmissions, movement parameters, thermal and flowing problems, vibration resistance, acoustic properties.

Development works

The Institute conducts comprehensively within the realizing research projects as well as the research and development works related to the development of all types of rail vehicles, including locomotives, traction units, passenger wagons, freight wagons, trams, railbuses, rail-road vehicles. Regardless of the comprehensive development of entire vehicles, these works also include the significant assemblies and subassemblies such as running gear systems, control of braking and air treatment systems, microprocessor control of rail vehicles.


The Institute possessed the accreditation of the German railway office EBA (Eisenbahn Bundesamt) until the date of application of Directive 2008/57. Within of the acceptance of EBA the Laboratory of Rail Vehicles Tests has obtained the authorization to carry out the following types of trials and tests:

  • static strength tests of rail vehicles body frames,
  • static and dynamic strength tests of bogie frames,
  • static and dynamic tests of buffers and their subassemblies,
  • impact tests for passenger and freight trains,
  • tests of brake systems of rail vehicles,
  • fatigue strength tests for suspension systems of rail vehicles,
  • safety tests against derailment during passing along the twisted track, and torsional rigidity tests of rail vehicles body
  • tests of fire protection properties.

In addition the Laboratory of Rail Vehicles Tests of the Institute possesses the accreditations of the Polish Accreditation Center No AB 744 according to standard PN EN-ISO/IEC 17025:2005.
The Institute possesses the authorization resulting from the Decree of Minister of Infrastructure dated 2005 concerning to carrying out the tests and elaborating the opinions necessary to obtain the certificate of authorization of the railway vehicle type for placing in service, and also the Certificate TÜV Rheinland-Polska according to standard ISO 9001:2000.
Since 2007 the Institute has been notified in the European Union at No NB1940 in the range of certification of the rolling stock and its components basing on the directives 96/48/EC (conventional railways) and 201/16/EC (high speed railways).


Among the more important companies, with that the institute cooperates, it should be mentioned: Grupa PKP in this: PKP Intercity, PKP Przewozy Regionalne, PKP Cargo; H.CEGIELSKI – Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych Sp. z o.o. – Poznań; ALSTOM Konstal S.A. – Chorzów; BOMBARDIER Transportation Polska – Wrocław, SIEMENS Polska – Warszawa; PESA – Bydgoszcz; Pierwsza Fabryka Lokomotyw w Polsce “FABLOK” S.A. – Chrzanów; GATX Rail Polska – Warszawa; Metro Warszawskie – Warszawa; Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne – Poznań and many others.

The Institute participates indirectly in the international programs performing the works for the benefit of these programs basing on the bilateral agreements with the biggest producers in Europe and out of it. It refers such companies as: GEC ALSTOM – England, France, Switzerland; BOMBARDIER – Germany, Canada, Switzerland; FAIVELEY TRANSPORT NORDIC AB – Sweden, France, Italy, Germany; SIEMENS – Germany; FIAT FERROVIARIA – Italy; KEYSTONE – USA; FTZ MINDEN – Germany; ABB DAIMLER BENZ – Switzerland and many others.

Management of Institute:

Acting Director of Institute Arkadiusz Kawa
Acting Deputy Director of Finance & Economics Aleksandra Remelska

mail: sekretariat@tabor.lukasiewicz.gov.pl

Heads of departments, subdivisions and specialists:

Department of Locomotives Piotr Michalak +48 61-66-41-461 lokomotywy@tabor.com.pl
Department of Passenger Wagons Mariusz Far +48 61-66-41-499 osobowy@tabor.com.pl
Department of Freight Wagons Wojciech Jakuszko +48 61-66-41-480 towarowy@tabor.com.pl
Department of Driving and Running Systems and Units Tomasz Antkowiak +48 61-66-41-423 wozki@tabor.com.pl
Department of Kinematics, Dynamics and Strength Marcin Kruś +48 61-66-41-440 obliczenia@tabor.com.pl
Department of Pneumatic and Braking Systems and Units Damian Goliwąs +48 61-66-41-442 hamulce@tabor.com.pl
Electrotechnical Department Jarosław Iwanowski +48 61-66-41-479 elektrotechnika@tabor.com.pl
Department of Information and Informatics Władysław Stankowski +48 61-66-41-488 ointe@tabor.com.pl
Laboratory of Rail Vehicles Tests Michał Kowalski +48 61-66-41-457 laboratorium@tabor.com.pl
Department of Prototypes Zbigniew Zieliński +48 61-66-41-417 prototypy@tabor.com.pl
Economic Department Natalia Łasińska +48 61-66-41-411 ekonomiczny@tabor.com.pl
Department of Quality Control Jarosław Czerwiński +48 61-66-41-478 kontrola_jakosci@tabor.com.pl
Department of Purchasing and Administration Ryszard Wiśniewski +48 61-66-41-424 administracja@tabor.com.pl
Department of Providing the Working Conditions Jan Strzemkowski 61-66-41-431 ruch@tabor.com.pl
Principal Specialist of Marketing and Foreign Cooperation Ryszard Szerbart +48 61-66-41-444 sekretariat@tabor.com.pl
Principal Specialist of Quality Control Piotr Cieślak +48 61-66-41-485 qms@tabor.com.pl
Centre of Product Certification Rafał Cichy +48 61-66-41-434 certyfikacja@tabor.com.pl
Board of Advisors Zbigniew Durzyński +48 61-66-41-465 z.durzynski@tabor.com.pl
Marek Sobaś +48 61-66-41-446 m.sobas@tabor.com.pl
IT Department Tomasz Betke +48 61-66-41-483 lanadmin@tabor.com.pl
Editor’s Office of “Rail Vehicles” Władysław Stankowski +48 61-66-41-488 redakcja@tabor.com.pl
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